Tosca organic winery

Tosca farm was born in 2000 when Locatelli family decided to start cultivating five terraced hectares, very well located on Pontida hills in province of Bergamo. Locatelli family has always had an organic-oriented  lifestyle, and this had an impact on the decisions that have been made. It was decided to start the estate on the base of the Organic Viticulture, becoming pioneers of these values in Valcalepio wine region.

In 2004 the estate size increased by the building of the new cellar, and starts to offer a huge selection of wines, differentiated in two different production styles. Vini Tosca products belong to the traditional wine style which leads to very characteristic and structured wines. Vite Natural Durante encloses our wines that come from new cultivated fields, which give mono-variety, elegant and pleasant wines.

Our fields are all cultivated with respect for nature and environment, and are located at the most external part of the Valcalepio region, which embrace the territory from the Adda river until Iseo Lake.

Tosca farm production is not limited to the winemaking but it’s also oriented to corn and wheat flours, organic honey and livestock holding.

All the farm products are then directly sold or simultaneously used in our new agritourism kitchen. Polisena “L’Altro Agriturismo” is an Eighteenth Century farmstead that has been recently renovated, and that nowadays hosts our guests for particular events, meetings, or even simply for lunches or dinners with family and friends.