Organic Viticulture

Tosca winery being an organic entity, has to follow specific production regulations and the management is provided according to organic agriculture ad viticulture. It is actually to understand that recently the legislation has been changed and improved. Until 2012 it was possible to define a wine as “Produced by grapes from organic agriculture”, and actually we have always used this mention on labels. Nowadays the European Community allows the mention “Organic Wine”, and this permits to our products to gain their own identity.

To achieve the best quality possible from an organic production, it is essential to produce accordingly to good agricultural practices, which limit the pathogens development by means of preemptive actions. Unfortunately the pathogens are present in every ecosystem, whichever is the way of their management, but from our point of view we have observed throughout the years that the correct and limited usage of copper and sulphur satisfy the general health state of our vines. Also, organic and not phytotoxic compounds are used to keep the strongest pathogens under control, and to achieve the best quality of our final product with total respect for the surrounding nature.

As well as we take care of the plants, we also consider the conservation of the soil identity, which more than 10 years ago gave birth to our vines. The conservation and increase of soil fertility are strong values, and we preserve them limiting the erosion by the systematic cultivation of different crops cultivation in the steepest vineyards. Along with this we fertilise by using natural compost and manure.

The perfect and healthy ripening our grapes can be proud of, are achieved thanks to both our considerations and the particularly favourable microclimate of this area. Organic viticulture is our answer to the sustainable development of our reality, obviously oriented to achieve the best from our plants and to produce a natural wine.