Entry in FIVI


We are really happy to inform about our entry into FIVI, the Italian Federetion of Indipendent Winemakers. The basic concept of this association is really important for us and we totally agree with it. The winemaker offer an artisan product, of which it takes care of the whole working phases. From the activties in the wineyard, to the activities in the cellar. Another very important rule for the associates is that they can use only thee grapes that comes from their own wineyards.

We believe that this is the right approach to one of the oldest and most fascinating creation of the men: the wine.

We also love the european scope of FIVI that belongs, together with the associations of other 10 countries to the consortium CEVI, the Confédération européenne des vignerons indépendants.

We are taking part to the 8th Market of Wines FIVI that is taking place in Piacenza on the 24th and 25th November. We’ll see you there!