Gold Medals at Cervim Awards 2019


Double satisfaction this year at the Mondial des Vins Extremes awards, organized by Cervim: the research center for mountain viticulture. Gold Medal for Mainardo III Metodo Ancestrale and Grand Gold Medal for Dionigi Farina Valcalepio Riserva 2015

We are really happy for this success that was achieved in a trophy that rewards a specific kind of viticulture: a hardest viticulture but that gives the highest satisfaction. The awards was specifically dedicated to wines produced in vineyards that has a permanent structural difficulty, like:

  • altitude higher than 500 metres above sea level;
  • slopes with gradients greater than 30%;
  • vines grown on terraces or embankments;
  • vines grown on small islands

Our vineyards in Riviera di Pontida are carachterized by all the three specification. The trophy is patronized by Vinofed, the international association that gathers the most important wine trophy of the world.

Mainardo III Metodo Ancestrale is an extremely soft and balanced champenoise. This is a natural consequence of a fermentation in the bottled gained with the addition of its must only.  Other interesting peculiarities are a sursprising sensation of freshness and minerality  and a final taste nicely dry thanks to the dosage with zero sugar.

Dionigi Farina is a special Riserva that comes from a carefull selection of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from our better vineyards. We dedicate it to the person who put passion and resources into the development of the viticolture on our wonderful hills in Pontida. His personality is reflected into the wine: elegant and important.