It is impressively fascinating to walk around the nine hectares of Tosca vineyards, perfectly located on the Valcalepio terraces, and cultivated following the organic viticulture. The very typical soil structure is given by the so-called flysch, a mix of limestone and clay rock which gives to our wines their characteristic minerality and sapidity.

To achieve the best results from our organically managed vines, we strictly follow the meticulous advices of the agronomist Angelo Divittini, who has driven in the previous years the vineyard management in terms of both winter pruning and canopy management, hence regulating the natural development of our vines, and avoiding their overexploitation.

The particularly favourable microclimate of this hilly region, permit to contain the agronomic issues. Since former times we have been oriented toward the organic cultivation, always limiting our plant protection to small amount of copper and sulphur to fight against the main pathogens. The rainfall events are well distributed throughout the year, therefore the irrigation is not needed, and it is applied only in extremely critical situations.

The varieties we cultivate are Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Franconia, Incrocio Manzoni e Riesling. As soon as these grapes are perfectly ripened they come to our new cellar and are transformed in the DOC wines called Doc Valcalepio and Doc Terre del Colleoni, which are coupled to the IGT Bergamasca.



These are our highest vineyards located at 600 m.a.s.l. They are optimally exposed to the sunlight throughout the whole day, and undergone a strong temperature range between night and day, a factor which firmly influence the aromatic pattern of the following wines.

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Vigneto Ca' Lupo

The very first vines of Tosca winery were planted in this field. It is entirely terraced, and with a south-exposure. It is characterised by a rich soil which gives to the berries a strong power and personality.

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Vigneto Bema

This is our steepest vineyard, where our best Cabernet sauvignon berries are obtained year after year. This vines are reserved to make our Riserva Valcalepio Rosso Doc.

The clay of this soil is mixed with different stones which give values to the derived wine.

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colli vineyard

This field is placed at 500 m.a.s.l. and optimally exposed. The beautiful rows are meticulously positioned on the hills of this land, and benefit from the extraordinary minerality of the soil. In some part of this vineyard the flysch emerges and create a very suggestive natural effect.

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sotto chiesa vineyards

These small fields are located under the church of Riviera di Pontida (from this comes the name “Sotto Chiesa”), and the grapes here cultivated give birth to our new Vite Natural Durante wines. Many are the varieties grown around these steep vineyards, and they are going to play a huge role within our mono-varietal wines.

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